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Composite Bonding in Crawley

Our teeth can become damaged for a multitude of different reasons. Bonding is an effective way to repair your front smile teeth if you have noticeable chips, cracks or colouration. Bonding uses the same techniques and materials as white fillings. We build the restoration directly onto the tooth and there is no need for removing any enamel.

Treatment Steps

  1. We first clean the tooth that we are repairing and add a special agent to the surface where we will place the composite.
  2. The agent creates a rougher surface so the composite will bind and stick much more effectively.
  3. We clean the tooth again and add layers of composite, recreating the shape of your tooth.
  4. When we’ve built the desired shape, we harden it under a special UV light and then polish the tooth.


  1. There is no need for impressions or a lab so the treatment can be finished in a single appointment.
  2. It’s not necessary to treat the tooth before adding the composite.
  3. Treatment is versatile – we can repair the front teeth or contour the back teeth to improve the bite surface.


While modern composite is a hard material, it is not as hard as a natural tooth. Try to avoid biting on hard surfaces.