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Dental Examinations

Regular dental examinations are important to your overall oral health as they allow us to check for any problems and take steps to prevent them. These assessments allow us to spot signs of decay and gum disease. Even if you have a fantastic dental care regime at home, it’s important to have a dentist examine your teeth, gums and mouth for any underlying issues.

A standard check-up only takes around ten minutes and mostly involves a thorough examination where we look over the health of your teeth and how they fit together when you bite. We will take x-rays if we think they are necessary to check the internal structures of your teeth. We also include oral cancer screening in general examinations.

If we find anything that requires treatment, we will devise a treatment plan that includes the best course of action and expected costs.

Usually, we see patients every six months, but in some cases we may only need to see you once a year. Your dentist will let you know when you need to come back for your next check-up. If you have any problems, you can get in touch to arrange an earlier appointment.

Talk to us and we’ll listen

You know your smile best. If you have any concerns or noticed any issues, let us know.

To help you keep your teeth in tip-top condition at home, we will advise the best cleaning techniques and share tips on diet, alcohol and tobacco consumption.