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Implant supported Crowns and Bridges in Crawley

Having a missing tooth can really impact self-confidence, especially if the gap is visible when you smile. If you have a single missing tooth, an implant is the very best solution to replacing it. We can place the implant itself in the spot left by the tooth root so it’s important to see us about replacing the tooth as soon as you can.

Single implants can support a bridge of two false teeth as when fully fused to the bone. If you have lost two teeth in a row, a single implant is much more cost effective than having two implants supporting two crowns.

Reconstructive Implant Treatment

In some cases, there are multiple teeth that need replacing. Whether through severe gum disease, decay or injury, sometimes the best option is to remove problem teeth and replace with either implants or removable dentures.

We can use implants to support a large bar or even a full arch of teeth. A full mouth reconstruction is also possible using implants to support the restoration. This treatment is highly recommended for patients who are edentulous (toothless) as it can truly change their lives.