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Implant supported over dentures in Crawley

Fed up with ill-fitting dentures? We can use implants to change these cumbersome removable teeth into a much more secure and reliable replacement.

Implant-retained dentures are specially adapted so they can fit securely on implants placed in the jaw. As there is no need for the acrylic mouth-mould that holds complete dentures in place, the dentures will simply just be the false teeth themselves, keeping the roof of your mouth and under the tongue clear of awkward plastic.

Not only do implant retained dentures feel secure and reduce the chance of embarrassing slippages, they also improve speech and eating. The implants themselves will also help your overall oral health as they can provide an important foundation in the jaw bone. One of the issues with removable dentures is that the jaw bone will start to degrade without roots. This can cause a sunken appearance, which can make you look older. Implants encourage bone tissue to grow as a special agent on the metal boosts cellular regeneration.


  1. Improves the ability to eat by providing more biting force.
  2. Improves the ability to speak as it is common for patients with traditional dentures tomumble, slur their speech, or make clicking noises when speaking.
  3. Dental implants are custom made to fit over the patient’s gums.
  4. Implants supported over dentures are more comfortable because they are attachedto the dental implants that have been surgically embedded into the jawbone.
  5. They look and feel more natural as they are custom made porcelain dentures to looklike your natural teeth.
  6. Implant supported over dentures can increase your confidence level by altering theappearance of your smile.