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Porcelain Veneers in Crawley

Porcelain veneers are used to correct any light damage, cover up discolouration or to just improve the overall appearance of your teeth. Veneers are a thin, tooth-coloured shell that is designed to fit over the front of a tooth. They can also be used to fill in gaps between teeth.

Only a small amount of enamel needs to be removed so the veneer can fit nicely in the mouth, if any.


Treatment Steps

  1. If needed, a thin layer of enamel is taken from the surface of the tooth to give the veneer enough room.
  2. Once prepared, impressions are taken so a customised veneer can be produced in a laboratory. The colour of your teeth is also noted so it will blend in perfectly.
  3. When ready, the veneer is bonded to the tooth using a strong dental adhesive.


  1. Natural-looking.
  2. More of the healthy tooth can be retained.
  3. Colour matched to blend in aesthetically.
  4. Can correct a number of flaws and improve a gappy smile.
  5. Stain resistant.


Although veneers are resilient, it is important to treat them with care. Avoid biting nails or chew pen tops, or use your teeth to open anything. Also, it is probably best to steer clear of very hard foods that could cause damage to the veneer. To give your veneer the best chance of lasting a long time, keep up a regular routine and brushing and flossing.