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Teeth Whitening in Crawley

Our teeth darken with age but we don’t have to live with yellowing teeth. Teeth whitening lifts off stains and uses a safe chemical process to lighten the teeth.

We offer poladay and polanight home kits so you can control your whitening treatment at home. This method of whitening involves having custom-made mouth trays created. These are worn either for a short period a day or at night in bed. We provide you with a whitening agent that you inject into the mouth tray. This contains hydrogen peroxide which uses oxygen molecules to break down stain molecules.

Teeth Whitening

Treatment Steps

  1. Impressions are taken of your teeth so customised whitening trays can be produced to fit.
  2. When ready, you will wear these at home with a bleaching gel for a specified length of time each day or at night when you sleep.
  3. After wearing the trays for a few weeks, you will attend a follow-up appointment to check your teeth have reached the desired shade.

Although this treatment is carried out at home, we still keep a close eye on your teeth to lessen any gum irritation and tooth sensitivity.

Please note, teeth whitening will only work on natural teeth and will not be effective on restorations such as crowns, veneers or dentures.


  1. Effective – reach your desired shade within the first days of your treatment.
  2. Convenient – you can choose how and when to have your treatment – during the day or at night.
  3. Safe – poladay and polanight contains a high-water content which protects your gums during the treatment. It also remineralises your teeth and protects them against tooth sensitivity.


Teeth whitening does not provide permanent results but you can reuse the mouth trays and purchase more gel if a top-up is required.